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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Miss Nancy finished the Whole30

I finished the Whole 30 Nutritional Reset!! Yay! I would not have predicted that I would finish it. As I said before, I'm glad I signed up for the newsletter ($15 -- 50 cents a day) because every day was packed with humor, lots of information, relevant facts, etc. It kept me going. And I enjoyed what I was eating.

So I went to Panera and ate my bread the next morning after I was done. Wasn't as good as I thought it would be. So I'm abandoning bread. I'm bringing back a bit of dairy -- I think I need some cheese in my diet. Might give up coffee altogether but not just yet. Sugar can go and alcohol is meh. Beans I don't care about. (Those were the 5 things I did without for 30 days: sugar, alcohol, grains, legumes and dairy) Altogether, an interesting experiment.

The only crazy thing that happened was when my roommate brought home a pizza one night. It was on the kitchen table in front of me -- I smelled it and just wanted to fall upon it and stuff pieces in my mouth. I really felt slightly unhinged! Didn't do it, though.

The other thing I noticed was that if I just mentioned I was doing the Whole30 quite a few people would tell me all about this amazing diet they had done or were on, going into great detail, on and on. Apparently there are a lot of different 'cleanses' out there. The funniest was a 'fruit wash' diet. I don't remember all the details but the end result was that now this person is eating ice cream every night. If you are trying to give up sugar, eating a lot of fruit is not a good idea. I did learn that the hard way.

I lost 12 pounds and feel stronger and firmer. That wasn't the goal at all but it was a cool result.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Whole30 Day #16

Heading into Day #17. It doesn't seem possible but I've made it over half way. If I hadn't read the book "It Starts With Food" I probably would have quit but once you know what kind of horrible things are in our food and what it does to you there's really no going back.

Because I can't have any added sugar, no alcohol, no grains (wheat, corn, rice, etc.), no dairy and no legumes (except green beans and snap peas) I read labels like I never did before. And I did read labels -- but I'm afraid that I assumed because something was at the organic food co-op it was OK. Well, my dears, you would not believe how many things have sugar in them. Lots of sugar. Sugar, sugar, sugar.

I think it was about the 5th day when I felt jittery and also had little swollen tastebuds like I used to get after sucking on hard candy. I was eating more fruit than I realized, more than was good for me. And I got carried away with the "permission" to eat meat and had it with almost every meal. In other words, cravings just got reassigned. I cut out snacks and lightened up my meals and felt much better.

But this is the end of the 16th day and I feel pretty calm. I'm used to everything and I'm spending more time in the kitchen coming up with really nutritious and tasty meals. The Clothes Make the Girl or Nom Nom Paleo have some good recipes. I hardly ever use salt any more, I can really taste my food, I don't need to read while I'm eating, my body has tightened up . . .  Miss Nancy can hang in there a bit longer.

I really do miss good crusty bread, though.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Famous Fossil Firefly Festival

Famous Fossil Firefly Festival. Say it fast! Decided on silhouettes and a simple black, grey and spot yellow to give it a feeling of twilight and fireflies rising up from the prairie flowers. Vineyard in the background. It was a lot of work but fun. Just the dragonfly took me two hours to draw. Fairy more or less just appeared as sometimes happens in art. (And life?) 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Whole 30, first week almost over!

SO GLAD I signed up for the newsletter.  (For the first day and more info, go to Day One.) I woke up on the third day thinking I feel like crap, I'm supposed to feel better, what the hell??!! And got that message: "Do you feel like a cranky baby today?" Why yes, thank you so much for asking. I thought my diet was pretty good but evidently it wasn't squeaky clean and I've been feeling the shifting and changing of hormones and habits.

Good things: I have slightly more energy (after napping). My eyes look bigger and brighter. I ate a whole breakfast of zucchini, onions, garlic and eggs scrambled in olive oil and only later realized I hadn't used any salt and had really tasted my meal. One of the suggestions is to eat without any distractions. That's difficult but calming.

Went to a friend's house for dinner. I wasn't sure about the chicken so I brought a salad for everyone with sugar snap peas, green beans, cukes, tomatoes, pecans and avacados and a dressing of olive oil, mustard, lime, garlic and balsamic vinegar. The chicken was organic and awesome so I was OK but I could have had the salad for dinner and been fine with that. Good to plan ahead. And look at a restaurant menu online before you go.

Tomorrow (after getting up near dawn) I will make a week's menu and get all my supplies. Should have done that right away. Groping around in the frig only goes so far and it's a good idea to have what you need on hand. They also suggest posting a list of good meals that only take 15 minutes.


PS Did not eat the bagel. Or drink that glass of red wine. It was a struggle.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Whole30 - Day One

First I read the book, "It Starts With Food" and now I'm trying to do what they say for 30 days. No sugar, no wheat, no dairy, no snacks. Eat only organic, pasture-raised meat. It's a well-written book, lots of chemistry and biology so that you begin to see what you are doing to yourself when you indulge in sugar/fat/salt/junk. I've been moving in this direction for a while but this is very strict. No sugar, NO MILK DUDS! But truthfully I'm pretty happy with the things I can eat and there is some surprising information about red meat and fat.

The first day wasn't great but it wasn't a fail either. If you go off the path you have to start over and I really don't want to start over! I signed up for the daily newsletter because I wanted the extra inspiration. I'm glad I did as the newsletter is awesome and at the end of the day I got a silly and entertaining pep talk. Anyway, Miss Nancy will be documenting her progress for the next 30 days. Stay tuned!

Creative Refrigerator Recipe

In my frig I found:
1/2 onion
an almost empty jar of olives (black and green)
6 oz. hamburger (local, pasture-raised)
fresh garlic

Cut up carrots. Steam cook them. Heat up a skillet, brush in a little olive oil. Fry up the burger with the onion. Add the garlic and whatever spices you like. I added cumin, salt and pepper and a dash of cinnamon. Simmer. Add carrots and then the chopped up olives, heat everything together and then serve!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Got my mojo working

I wrote a mystery novel. It was cumbersome and convoluted. Thought about it for a long time (a year). Used a wandering solitary road trip to get over extreme writer's block. Boiled it down to essentials. Started writing again. Ruby and all the rest were there waiting for me.
The writing chair. I started my wandering road trip in a fishing shack on a lake in Wisconsin. No running water and an outhouse. We think it might have been a tack room -- it's attached to what looks like an old stable. For me it was a cozy and comfortable writer's retreat.
In the stable is my favorite thing -- an enclosed pile of smooth river rocks where you stand and look down to the lake while pouring hot water over yourself for a morning shower.

The funny thing is, as hard as this whole thing has been, it seems that I've done things right. At least according to an article I just read "25 Steps to Being a Traditionally Published Author: The Lazy Bastard's Edition" Be warned, it's anything but lazy. But if you have tried to write a novel you already know that. I'm only on #8 but it feels awesome to have gotten that far.

One thing I did that was helpful was to take my manuscript and just read it like it was a book I picked up, nothing to do with me. That was very helpful. I saw the faults in an objective way. I also saw the really good things -- the writing, the pace, the characters, the dialogue -- I wanted to keep reading.


I only took one book with me. I have a shelf of writing books that have come with me on this journey but I needed something practical. You can have great writing, characters, dialogue etc. but if you don't know how to plot a mystery it's all for naught. Now to keep at it.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Going on a Wander

I love taking tests. Not the school kind but the ones in the magazines. A guilty pleasure because I know they don't prove anything. I was sitting in the doctor's waiting room reading an old O magazine and came across one to determine if I am a Highly Sensitive Person.

(A similar test)

I scored 24 out of 27. The only reason I left three unchecked was so I wouldn't feel completely crazy and because, according to the test, "I make it a high priority to arrange my life to avoid upsetting or overwhelming situations". But I'm telling you because "I am conscientious."

Being a Highly Sensitive Person sounds rather delicate and refined, doesn't it? Or maybe just pretentious? It's actually a huge pain in the ass especially since "I tend to be very sensitive to pain." Speaking of pain, I was ostensibly in the doctor's office for an annual exam but really I was there because "I have a rich, complex inner life" and I had imagined myself right into a terminal disease. Which I don't have.


What to do? "My nervous system sometimes feels so frazzled that I just have to go off by myself." I had already planned a week long trip, ending up at my sister and brother-in-law's winery and meeting up with my youngest daughter. The first part of it I'm calling a Wander because it's a very low-budget meandering from one place to another largely involving kayaks and water. It takes a strong person sometimes to be solitary but I seem to have found what I needed to do.